Friday, June 21, 2013

So Many Babies!

There's so much going on at the farm right now regarding baby animals!

To start with, Dusty Miller's mama (Cinnamon) has been found! She was hiding under some ferns with seven other babies. We removed her from her outdoor nest, and placed her in an old rabbit cage filled with wood shavings. Then we placed Dusty Miller in with her. She accepted Dusty right off the bat, but it took a little while for the little guy to get the picture. Now, he is simply one his mama's brood. :)

Secondly (though I haven't had the chance to tell you), Some of Mo and Adelaide's eggs have hatched! Adelaide refused to go broody, but we had another hen (Ginger, Cinnamon's sister) who refused to go "un-broody". We placed a few of Adelaide's eggs under her, and 21 days later, three little peepers were born. One of these chicks was not Mo and Adelaide's, it was Ginger's biological chick. So far Ginger has been a great mama, and I just know that the chicks will turn out really well. 

There's more! Another one of my hens (Ella) hatched a single chick, which I have named Cleo. She's been a great mom so far.

Thought that was it, did you? (;
One of our ducks (Waddly) hatched a clutch of eggs, too. She had six ducklings, but weirdly abandoned them all. I cannot fathom why a bird that sat faithfully on a nest for twenty-eight days wouldn't want to raise her young. Either way, we took it upon ourselves to raise the six little ducklings and strangely, they have developed a bond with our young guinea.

There's more to come. Mama sebright (A.K.A. Merida) is sitting on a clutch of eggs as well.

As you can see, a lot of stuff has been going on at the farm, and I'm sure there will be more to come!


  1. I'm so glad Dusty Miller found his mom! And it sounds like you'll have a lot on your hands with lots of little chicks and ducklings running around...good luck!

  2. Thanks! Yup, I've got a lot on my hands. :)

    But the mamas are doing a good job, so a lot of the work is already done for me. :)